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Sleep number bed (Everything you need to know)

Sleep number bed (Everything you need to know)

Are you looking for a smart bed? A bed whose settings you can change to meet your sleeping preferences? The sleep number bed is the solution. But, how much do you know about this type of bed?

Sleep number beds are technologically smart beds with an adjustable air mattress. They have three main compartments, the mattress, mattress cover, and the base, each playing a pivotal role in the effectiveness of the bed.

There is more than visual appeal when it comes to this bed. This article will explore all aspects of sleep number beds, including how they work, what they comprise, and their examples.

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What Is The Sleep Number Bed? 

The world has undergone considerable transformation following a spike in industrialization and technology. The bed and mattress sector is no different. Manufacturers worldwide are competing to create products that will satisfy an increasingly diverse market. Amongst the significant innovations in the market sector are the sleep number beds.

Sleep number beds have become very popular. They are modern beds curved with many specialties and are visually appealing, solid, and durable.

The sleep number beds are a product of the Select Comfort Corporation, whose parent offices are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It also has several subsidiary and sister facilities in Utah and South Carolina.

The sleep number bed is a particular type of adjustable bed with an air mattress. It has many exciting features that bless a user with a fanciful experience. They are by every definition cool, comfortable, and classy.

It is important to note that there are variances in functionalities provided in different sleep number beds.

How Does The Sleep Number Bed Work?

Now you know what the sleep number bed is. How it works is something else. All in all, it works in a way that ensures you are comfortable when you sleep. Sleep number beds are trendy amongst couples who prefer different mattress conditions when sleeping.

These beds have double air chambers. Depending on how you like it and the settings you make, the chambers bring in or give out air pressure to suit your preferences. To do these, two parts of the sleep number bed see to it. These are as follows:

The Air Chambers.

Do you know how spending the night on an inflated or deflated bed feels? It can be a very uncomfortable experience. As such, it would be best if you tried the sleep number bed. Unlike the traditional mattresses and beds infused with springs and coils, the sleep number bed has inbuilt gaseous air chambers.

With your remote, you can adjust the inflation level of your mattress. If the bed is shared, the air chambers are built on different halves of the bed, allowing each person to make changes to deflate or inflate their areas as they wish.

The Dual Settings.

Every sleep number has an inbuilt dual setting that enables each of the two people to use it to regulate the softness and comfort of the bed.

These settings are remote-controlled, something that turns out to be quite exciting.

What Do You Get From a Sleep Number Bed?

Other than putting you in comfort through the night, the Sleep Number bed comes packed with a bunch of advantages. These are things that make its price worth it. So, what do you get?

SleepIQ Technology. 

Until the 1980s, this was unheard of. It still is with most people. Fortunately for you, you found it here.

The sleep number bed has an installed program for tracking your sleeping pattern. This bed uses special sensors that track your sleeping pattern. Then, the systems award you a number that reveals your sleeping pattern.

Furthermore, the technology helps control your bed and makes you aware of how and what the impact of sleep is on your well-being.

It Tracks Your Heart Rate.

Tracking the rate of your heartbeats is an essential health aspect, from making your fitness level known to keeping tabs on your emotional health.

And the sleep number bed has a technology that helps you with this. Usually, reliable results based on the heart rate are transmitted when the body is calm. This bed takes advantage of when you are asleep and undisturbed to keep track of your heart rate.

The results must either reveal your heart rate to be variably high or low.

When high, that indicates high levels of energy, relaxation, and a healthy functioning heart and brain that are relaxed and calm. If low, then there is a problem that needs to be checked. Usually, low heart rates are an indication of poor immunity.

Tracks Your Respiration And Movement As You Sleep

Imagine a mattress capable of tracking your respirations and movements as you sleep! It is incredible the things that are capable of technology.

With their technology, a sleep number bed can track your breathing patterns and movement as you sleep. With these results, you can practice better sleeping habits. Additionally, you can use them to determine if you suffer from any illnesses.

If only all beds could do that!

How Much Does The Sleep Number Bed Cost?

Now, with all that said, you must be already contemplating getting yourself one. There are countless air beds, but the Sleep number remains the best. As you can imagine, sleep number beds are more pricey compared to regular beds. But how much do they cost?

The price varies depending on the series of each sleep number bed. There are four types, each with a distinctive price as follows.

The Classic Series.

There are three different types of sleep number beds under this series. The difference is in their depth and plushness and is as follows:

The C2

This is an 8-inch bed with prices ranging between 800$ for the small and 150$ for the king size.

The C4

The C4 is a 10-inch series. The price varies between 1000$ and 1800$ for the various sizes in the series.


This series is the best among the three. It goes at 1800$ for the 2 inches, a king size at 2300$ and double size at 2700$.

The Performance Series.

The Performance series is top-notch better as compared to the classic ones. A pillow and a moisture remover buff it up.

The P5 goes at 2000$ and the P6 at 3100$.

The Memory Foam.

The memory foam is a little more enhanced version of the performance series. Its prices vary between 3500$ and 4200$.

The Innovation Series.

And finally, the innovation series is the best series of the Sleep number bed. These are more expensive and more comfortable, with several features that the preceding ones might not have. Their prices are as follows:

sleeping pillow

The i18

The i18 innovation series is a 13-inch sleep number bed with a top pillow duvet. It costs 3500$ for the queen size, 4200$ for the king size, and 2800$ for a twin set.

The i10

The i10 is a 15-inch bed with temperature regulation abilities. It cost 5000$ and 5700$ for the queen and king sizes, respectively.

The iLE

Last, the iLE with an 18 inches layer is the best and most significant. It costs 4600$ and 4900$ for the queen and king sizes, respectively.


Sleep number beds have revolutionary technology. This article has featured all the vital aspects of the Sleep Number bed you need to know. With this information, you are now in a position to buy one and use it to its maximum potential. Sleep number beds enable you to track your sleeping patterns. Go for one that suits your preferences.