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How to Move a Sleep Number Bed? [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED TO?]

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed? [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED TO?]

Sleep number beds are lighter compared to traditional beds. However, they have a strict process to follow as you move them, which often takes more time than usual.

To move a sleep number bed, you should deflate the mattress, disassemble the bed, and safely pack the bed and mattress components. Additionally, ensure you wrap the mattress with a cover.

This article will examine the procedure you should follow when moving your sleep number bed. We will also explore why and when you should move it.

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What Is A Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep number beds are adjustable beds that allow you to set your mattress preferred firmness. The firmness settings range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most firm mattress can be. Additionally, the bed allows you to make adjustments only on one side of the bed.

You can make these adjustments using your phone or with the tap of a button.

How To Move A Sleep Number Bed

Several factors may necessitate the need to move your bed. These could be moving houses, cleaning, or rearranging your bedroom. Regardless, moving a sleep number bed requires you to follow a procedure to reduce damage risks.

You will need some tools, such as a 7/16-inch socket and pliers. Moreover, ensure you have compact bags to store the bed components.

The procedure is as follows:

Deflate The Mattress

You will need your bed's controller to deflate the mattress. On the controller, find the down arrow and press on it until its display goes to zero, meaning there is no longer air in the mattress chamber.

For mattresses with a double chamber, simultaneously press the right/left button with the down arrow.

Unzip The Mattress

Sleep number beds have several components. But, the focus is still on the mattress in this step. While your mattress is still flat, locate the zip and open it. For mattresses with double zippers, open the bottom one.

Continue With Disassembly

Next, locate the gray tabs on both sides of the bed. Press the gray tab from one side of the bed and remove the hose via the openings left from step 2 above. Repeat the process on the other side of the bed.

Ensure that you remove all the hoses.

Remove All Inner Mattress Items

Sleep number bed mattresses have several internal components specifically arranged. So that you do not mess up during reassembly, remove each item strategically. We recommend that you map the internal structure and elements by taking photos to use as a reference.

These inner parts include corner locks and air chambers.

Unplug The Firmness Control System

Locate a white box connected to the hoses and gently unplug it. Store it safely to reduce the chances of damage.

Pack The Mattress And Internal Parts

Use packing materials to prevent any risk of damage to these parts. Start with the air chambers. Next, place the mattress cover and pads into a waterproof bag to avoid staining.

For the sleep number mattress pump, ensure they are packed in their manufacturer's box. If you do not have it, pack them safely in a place with shock absorption, as they are fragile. We suggest placing them in a place where they will undergo minimum movement.

Remove Mattress Retainers

Using a 7/16-inch socket, unfasten the hex bolts to remove the mattress retainers. Store the bolts in a safe place.

Disassemble The Base

There are two significant base designs. These are modular and flex-fit. Additionally, some sleep number beds do not have a base. In this step, follow the steps given by the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, ensure you remove panels from the bed frame. Remove legs and rails and safely store all the bolts and additional parts for successful reassembly.

Load The Parts

Are you using movers to move your sleep number bed? Or is it a friend? Sleep number beds with a modular base are heavier and may require assistance while loading and unloading.

If you are moving the bed to another location using a vehicle, ensure all the boxes are secured to reduce damage risks. Once you have successfully moved the boxes and bags to a new place and unloaded the items, use the above procedure to reassemble the parts.

Why You Should Move A Sleep Number Bed

There is no scientific reason why you should move your sleep number bed. However, moving a bed has psychological advantages, e.g., it helps improve your mood once your bed is in a new position. Other reasons include:

To Rearrange Your Bedroom

Beds are the single most crucial component of your bedroom. Therefore, their position in a room determines the position of other items, such as a mirror. Your sleep number bed is central to the final outlook of a rearranged bedroom.

It Allows You To Make Adjustments

Due to the disassembly done when moving a sleep number mattress, you will be in a position to notice any damages. Once noted, you can make repairs, thus improving the bed's longevity.

To Deal With Bugs And Insects

After a period, bugs and insects will build their houses around the sleep number bed. When you move your bed, it disrupts their ecosystems, thereby mitigating potential damage and health risks.

When You Should Move A Sleep Number Bed

Moving a sleep number bed is not an easy task. Consequently, it would help if you had good reasons for moving it. Some of the most common reasons for moving the bed include:

When Relocating

There is no way to avoid moving your sleep number bed when relocating. That is unless you plan on buying a new bed and have no use for the current one. In such a scenario, the bed will have to be amongst the first items you pack or the last due to its fragile components and weight.

When Painting Your Bedroom

We understand how tasking the disassembly and reassembly of a sleep number bed is. Unfortunately, we recommend that you move the bed when painting your bedroom to avoid the chances of it coming into contact with the paint.

The good news is that you do not need to disassemble the bed. However, if you paint with strong fumes, we recommend you pack the mattress components to prevent scent absorption.

When Making Room For Items

Over time, you may need to add items in your bedroom, such as a study desk or makeup table. However, the position of your sleep number bed could be a hindrance, so you will need to move it.

But, like painting your bedroom, you do not need to disassemble the bed. If the bed is heavy, ask a friend to help you move it.

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For Health Reasons

According to a study by Maharishi International University, the direction of your bed affects your health. Findings in the study indicate that if your head faces south or east when sleeping, you are likely to suffer from heart rate, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues.

Additionally, medical recommendations could force you to move your bed. If you or a loved one are bedridden and need access to sunlight, you will have to move your bed closer to a window.


Sleep number beds require much attention and care during disassembly, reassembly, and moving. While you can handle this alone, having a helping hand is important. If you encounter any problem when moving your sleep number bed, refer to the bed's manual or call a trusted professional.