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How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress? [Step By Step Guide]

How To Clean A Memory Foam Mattress? [Step By Step Guide]

Memory foam mattresses are a very popular choice because of their pressure relieving, comfortable, and supportive properties. However, accidents and spillage can happen anytime on your bedding, especially if you have pets, children, or super senior citizens at home. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to learn how to clean a memory foam mattress without damaging it.

To clean a memory foam mattress, you can use a diluted solution of white vinegar or an enzymatic cleaner. Follow with sprinkling some baking soda and then vacuum cleaning and air drying (for ~24 hours) to remove odor or any traces of stains. It is best to clean up the mattress as early as possible.

Memory foam is different from other basic mattresses, and hence it has a dedicated cleaning method. While some manufacturers recommend using a mild detergent and water solution, others suggest cleaning with enzymatic cleaners or simple homemade solutions. Continue reading to find out how to clean and what are some of the best methods to clean poop, vomit, and urine stains from a memory foam mattress.

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What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Before explaining how to clean a memory foam mattress, let's discuss the construction and the type of material used to make these mattresses. A memory foam mattress is made of petroleum-based materials or visco-elastic, low-resistance, polyurethane foam. They aren't waterproof.

These mattresses are like sponges and can easily absorb moisture. Hence, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Memory foam mattresses should be treated immediately in case of accidental spillage.

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

It is important to check manufacturer guidelines before you start cleaning a memory foam mattress. For basic cleaning, use a solution of laundry detergent and water to get rid of any stains, and treat with baking soda to remove any odor.

How To Clean Poop Off Memory Foam Mattress

If you are a pet owner or have elders or children in your family, the mattress is prone to get soiled anytime. Don't worry! You don't have to throw out your expensive mattress. Instead, try this technique to clean poop off a memory foam mattress.

Materials Required

Rubber gloves, garbage bag, paper towels, a stain remover, enzyme cleaner, white vinegar, and water.


Try to clean up the mattress before the memory foam starts absorbing the mess.

Step 1: Put on rubber gloves and pick up all the poop/ biowaste. Dispose of the mess immediately into a garbage bag.

Step 2: Spritz some stain remover, such as the Oxiclean Stain Remover or the Resolve Multi-fabric Cleaner, directly onto the stained area.

Step 3: If you have a mattress cover or other protective bedding, put them in the washing machine and choose the highest temperature setting to disinfect and remove stains from the bedding.

Step 4: Use a diluted version of the enzyme cleaner (containing chemicals like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide) to tackle the leftover stains on the mattress. You can also DIY an enzyme cleanser using a mix of citrus peel, yeast, sugar, and water. Let the enzyme cleaner sit for ~5 minutes until the stains start bubbling up. An enzyme cleaner helps to break down the molecules of the dirt/ poop.

Step 5: Applying some light pressure and blot the stains away with a paper towel. You may also lightly scrub the area. Repeat the enzyme stain removing process, if necessary.

Step 6: For removing odor, use a natural solution of white vinegar and water and gently dab it onto the previously stained areas. This step also helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Additionally, pour some baking soda and wait for about 3-24 hours to completely deodorize the mattress.

Step 7: Air dry or let the mattress sit under the sun for at least 24 hours to remove any excess moisture and disinfect the mattress.

How To Clean Urine From Memory Foam Mattress

For cleaning urine on a mattress, always remember that fresh urine is much easier to clean than dried urine. If the mess has a mild odor and is less in quantity, you can use natural or DIY methods to clean it. However, if your mattress is in bad condition and smells pungent, here is what you go to do:

Materials Required

Rags or paper towels, spray bottle, white vinegar, baking soda, and water.


Step 1: Remove any extra bedding. Put them in the washing machine and run a cycle with the highest temperature setting.

Step 2: Use rags or paper towels and gently blot out moisture from the area. Do not rub the mattress.

Step 3: Fill a spray bottle with a 50:50 ratio of white vinegar and water. Spray a few spritzes of the solution directly on the stained area.

Step 4: Spread baking soda on the vinegar-treated area and let it sit for several hours. Dab the treated area with a blotting paper.

Step 5: Use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment for a final clean-up.

For stubborn or dried urine stains, you can use a Hydrogen Peroxide solution instead. An enzymatic cleaner can also work on urine stains. To use, spritz the chemical onto the stained area and let it sit for several hours until the mattress dries out completely. Always air dry before reuse.

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How To Clean Vomit From Memory Foam Mattress

If you often conduct a booze party, have kids at home, or have accidentally puked on your memory foam mattress, there are ways to clean it up very efficiently. Here is one of the best methods to clean vomit from a memory foam mattress.

Materials Required

A large bowl, paper towels, a box of baking soda, white vinegar, one large bowl, and a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery attachment.


Step 1: Fill the entire bowl with a 50:50 ratio of water and vinegar.

Step 2: Gently wipe off the mess with a paper towel. Dab off any excess liquid. Do not try to squeeze or twist the foam while cleaning.

Step 3: Drench a fresh paper towel into the vinegar and water solution and dab it onto the stained area. Immediately use a dry towel to mop up the excess liquid. Repeat until you have covered the entire area.

Step 4: Empty the entire box of baking soda on the stained area. Spread it out evenly so that the entire area gets covered, and let the baking soda sit for a couple of hours.

Step 5: Use the vacuum with the upholstery attachment for final cleaning and drying out the area.

Step 6: Let the mattress air dry or leave it under the sun before you reinstall your bedding.

Some Additional Tips To Keep Your Memory Foam Mattress Clean and Odor Free

  • It is advisable to invest in a memory foam mattress with a cover so that it becomes easier to clean up the mess. Most mattress covers are machine-washable.
  • Too much use of water can ruin the foam filling. Therefore, always try to dab out the stain or use as little liquid as possible.
  • Try to clean up the stains as early as possible, that is, before the memory foam starts soaking the stain. It is easier to work with wet stains compared to dry stains.
  • Before using any chemical on your memory foam mattress, always do a patch test to avoid damaging the mattress.
  • As far as possible, try avoiding chemical treatments. Use them, preferably, in case of stubborn stains.
  • Do not use a steam cleaner on a memory foam mattress as it can damage the integrity of the memory foam mattress.

For any future spillage, it is best to use an inexpensive mattress protector. These protectors are easily machine washable and are incredibly helpful in keeping the main mattress stay protected for the longest time.