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What Is The Best Gel Mattress Topper? [FIND OUT HERE]

What Is The Best Gel Mattress Topper? [FIND OUT HERE]

A good night's sleep is something everyone yearns for. A good gel mattress gives you just that. However, after a while, your mattress ages, and you need to supplement how it feels. At this point, you may have to buy a gel mattress topper to aid in the firmness of your bed.

With an endless list of gorgeous Gel mattress toppers to pick from, the Brooklyn Gel Mattress topper slightly edges out its competitors. It provides excellent pressure relief while also enhancing comfort. It also supports contouring and is affordable.

This article covers why the Brooklyn Mattress topper is our best pick. Additionally, we cover why you may need a gel mattress topper and what you must consider when looking for one.

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Why Do You Need A Gel Mattress Topper?

As much as most mattresses lately are designed to provide much comfort, with time, they wear out. It also could be because their fabric might not be as comfortable as you would want.

In the modern age, with the spike of technology, the big brains came up with the gel mattress topper. And why do you need one?

To Increase Your Mattresses Life Span

Even those mattresses curved out of the most robust fabric wear out with time. The mattress quickly loses its density, shape, and weight as they do.

A gel mattress topper is an excellent armor for your mattress. It sees to it that the mattress lasts even longer than it would. Mattress gel toppers do this by taking on some pressure that would instead be placed upon the mattress, saving it from being worn out hastily.

Provides Extra Comfort

Whether you are taking a nap or a night's sleep, you need one that leaves you rejuvenated, alive and active for the day and the activities ahead.

For one-of-a-kind, one that provides extra comfort, topping up your mattress with a gel mattress topper is the way to go.

To Keep The Mattress Clean

Cleaning mattress covers is no mean feat. Get a gel mattress topper to save yourself the stress that comes with it. A gel mattress topper prevents dirt, dust, debris, and spills from reaching your mattress. This way, the mattress, and the cover are always left clean and fresh.

Makes Your Mattress Softer

Some mattresses, while new, tend to have very tough covers. If you feel like the mattress is too bristle, then a gel mattress topper can go a long way in helping you make your sleeping experience more comfortable.

Why Brooklyn Is the Best Gel Mattress Topper

In a diverse world, one with a lot of possibilities and rivaling competition, brands are working around the clock to stand out. Consumers have diverse tastes, and manufacturers work non-stop to satisfy the different tastes. However, consumers and experts share their experiences, and one product always stands out amongst the rest.

There is no less with the gel mattress topper industry. Firms are doing a lot to outshine their competitors. While there are many you can choose from, we recommend the Brooklyn Topper as the best gel mattress topper on the market.

If your current mattress is not entirely comfortable as you would wish it to be, or for any other reason that would be driving you crazy for one, then the Brooklyn gel mattress topper should be what you go for.

The Brooklyn Gel mattress topper is a product from Brooklyn Bedding Designs, a brand based in Arizona, in the United States of America.

Below are reasons why the gel mattress topper from Brooklyn stands out:


The Brooklyn gel mattress topper boasts unmatched density with a swirl of gel infusion and outstanding abilities to conjure. A density that leaves you at comfort, showering you with relaxation and calm.

Contouring Abilities

Unlike other low-class or volume gel mattress toppers that will take longer to contour, the Brooklyn mattress topper is fast.

Its contouring abilities are on another level. Contour means taking shape in accordance with the design of your mattress. The Brooklyn takes back quick form once you wake up on them.

Contouring happens as an inflammation process, although without the involvement of air pressure, thanks to the topper.

It Is Soft and Comfortable

One of the reasons people set out to look for a gel mattress topper is the provision of comfort. With the wearing out of your mattress or the hardcover that might make your sleep a nightmare, a soft and comfortable gel mattress topper comes in handy.

There is none better than this one from Brooklyn. It is a soft and comfortable topper. It blesses your sleep with contentment and joy.

Reduces Body Heat

Constantly and consistently, our bodies are ever giving off heat. And while sleeping, the body gets more time to run metabolic activities that produce heat.

Similarly, sleeping with your pet, doll, or a second person gives up more heat. Adding a Brooklyn mattress topper to your bedding is a breathable way to ward off heat. The Brooklyn is specially made of gels and cooling fibers that absorb a lot of heat produced by the body as you sleep.

The absorption of the heat saves your mattress covers from constant damage. This also helps to regulate body temperature as you sleep.


Even the best things with the best quality must not always be those that are too expensive. With its admirable aspects, Brooklyn still comes offered at very affordable prices.

At a constant thickness of 2 inches, the prices are regulated based on the disparity of the sizes. A twin-sized topper goes for as low as 79$—a king-sized double inch at 119$ and the California king, the greatest of sizes, at 179$.

Aren't these prices affordable?

Tip: Due to the thickness of the Brooklyn, you must always ensure that your bed sheets can cover it.

Other Leading Gel Mattresses

Because we must be fairer, or you might not even love the Brooklyn topper, here are other brands you can choose from.

The list is long, but for the love of only what is made with quality, skill, and fashion, you should try out the following other gel mattresses if you skip the Brooklyn.

The Layla Mattress Topper

Like our pick, the Layla Mattress topper is exquisite by every definition. With two inches, unlike Brooklyn, it is infused with gel and copper to elevate your sleep comfort. Nonetheless, you are offered a 120 – night money-back guarantee.

You can take it back if you do not find it quite appealing.

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The Pros

  • Besides giving you more comfort, the infused copper helps to protect you from bacterial infections since it is antimicrobial.
  • Those who sleep on their side enjoy it the most.

The Cons

  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Quite difficult to clean.

The Viscosoft Select Topper

  • This one has up to three inches of body density and is gel infused.


  • Regulates body temperature
  • Drives off bad odors
  • It helps you fall asleep faster
  • Easy to wash


  • It isn't easy to move around with.


If you have been looking forward to getting the best gel mattress, we recommend the Brooklyn Gel Mattress Topper as the best choice in the market. However, there are other top brands from leading manufacturers. The choice of which gel mattress topper to buy sometimes comes down to your preference and budget.

If you have any questions regarding gel mattress toppers, contact trusted sellers and manufacturers.