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Do You Need a Copper Mattress [FIND OUT HERE]

Do You Need a Copper Mattress [FIND OUT HERE]

People are putting a lot more thought into how they sleep. As we've progressed, sleep mattresses have also undergone innovative changes. Amongst the latest trends, and for a good reason, is the copper mattress. The question, however, remains, do you need it?

Whether you need a copper mattress is down to preference. But, there are more advantages than disadvantages to sleeping on one. Copper mattresses have antimicrobial properties. Also, they provide cooling effects.

This article will focus on copper mattresses. It will explain what they are and why you may need one.

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What Is A Copper Mattress?

A copper mattress is a type infused with copper, thus giving it some copper properties. Combining memory foam and copper properties on one mattress provides better sleep experiences, less exposure to bacteria and germs, and temperature regulation.

There are two main methods of making copper mattresses. In the first method, manufacturers add copper filaments to the mattress's textile fibers. Manufacturers infuse copper into the mattress foam in the second method, which is also the most commonly used method. Regardless of the methodology used, the copper properties are prominent and efficient.

The Relationship Between Copper And Mattresses

Copper has been used throughout history to aid in healing and disinfection. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, and Babylonians used copper to heal wounds and reduce infections. In some instances, healers recommended using copper jewelry to ease joint or arthritis pain. Additionally, copper can be used in muscle recovery.

In modern times, copper has been used in muscle recovery. In addition, copper helps blood circulation and supports iron absorption. There are instances in which copper is used to help in anti-aging.

Due to copper's antibacterial and health-related properties, mattress manufacturers integrated it into creating the copper mattress. Consequently, we have a mattress that provides a comfortable sleeping experience, aids in killing bacteria around the bed, and develops healthy muscles and joints.

Why You Need A Copper Mattress

As mentioned earlier, copper mattresses have many benefits. The advantages of sleeping on a copper mattress include:

It Has Antimicrobial Properties

Your health is one of the most important enablers of your quality of life. As a precautionary measure, most people take vitamins and supplements and constantly clean around to deal with diseases or reduce the risk of illnesses. While we recommend that you still do this, we have another suggestion you can add onto those: A copper mattress.

Copper mattresses have copper properties that stop harmful bacteria and fungi growth and spread. On top of that, it deals with odors from bacteria. According to studies conducted in hospitals, mattresses with copper surfaces reduce bacteria levels by about 94%.

Temperature Regulation

If you have slept in high-temperature environments, you know how uncomfortable it gets! Studies have shown that enough rest and a good night's sleep are necessary for optimum functionality. The right mattress, a copper mattress, could be what you need to achieve this.

Copper has a high thermal conductivity. When used in a mattress, the copper ions absorb your body's extra heat and release it, thus keeping you cool during sleep. Also, the copper limits heat spread across your bed, thus regulating heat.

Aids In Spinal Alignment

Copper mattresses are made using memory foam which aids in providing good quality sleep. The memory foam properties allow your mattress to comfort your body weight and shape. Thus, regardless of your sleeping position, your body is superbly supported.

Moreover, copper mattresses are firm, which is excellent for your spine. Your mattress's firmness supports the position of your spine as you sleep. Coupled with the conformity feature, your spine and other joints get pressure and pain relief. After a long day of work, this is precisely the type of mattress you need!

Motion Isolation

Memory foam mattresses, in which class copper mattresses are a part of reducing your body's exposure to movement as you sleep. Therefore, if you sleep with your partner, you are insulated from their movements during the night.

Some manufacturers claim that copper mattresses have anti-aging properties and aid in arthritis. However, there isn't enough evidence to support that.

From a user's point of view, this mattress has everything to support deep refreshing sleep.

How To Choose The Right Copper Mattress

Similar to other products, there are ways to identify the best copper mattress for you. These include:

The Manufacturer

Ensure that the company has customer-friendly policies that allow feedback, transparent shipping avenues, warranty, and return procedures. Additionally, ensure that it is a reputable brand with acceptable business practices.

Quality Of The Mattress

Ensure that the mattress has all the necessary certifications and has passed all safety standards. An example of certificates to look for is the CertiPUR-US which indicates that the mattress has no harmful toxins.

Additionally, ensure that it meets your expectations regarding firmness and width.

Three Examples Of Copper Mattresses

Futon Shop Copper Dream Mattress

This is a copper-infused mattress that is made up of several other materials. As the name suggests, it also has copper. The materials in this mattress combine to provide weight distribution properties, pressure relief, and conformity, making it popular with shoppers.

Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, giving ventilation mechanisms regardless of how you sleep. Moreover, this feature, plus the copper, helps give the mattress cooling capabilities, keeping you fresh all through the night.

As with other copper mattresses, it is antimicrobial, thus keeping you clean as you sleep.

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

This 14-inch (height) five-layer gel memory foam copper mattress is one of the best on the market.

It has conductive heat capabilities, which help maintain your body's temperature through the night. Supporting this is the copper fiber quilt cover, which provides cooling and breathability and kills bacteria and germs.

What's more, this mattress is US-certified and has a lifetime warranty.

Zinus Copper Hybrid Mattress

The Zinus Copper Hybrid Mattress has coils and copper-infused memory foam that keep you cool and support your spine as you sleep. Additionally, the pocketed coils provide motion isolation.

In addition to the copper, the memory foam also has green tea. The combination of green tea and copper provides a cool refreshing feel that creates a comforting sleeping experience.

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Is There A Copper Alternative To Copper Mattresses?

Yes, there is. Copper mattress pads!

Traditionally, mattress pads provide protection and extend the life of a mattress. And while copper pads give a sense of protection against wear and tear, their main aim is to provide health benefits. They get rid of bacteria and fungi.

Furthermore, they provide cooling features synonymous with copper mattresses. On top of that, copper pads are versatile as you can also place them on your chair or any other flat surface,

However, they are heavier and slightly expensive; they are not waterproof and will allow water or lighter fluids to reach your mattress.


Copper mattresses are another innovation in the adaptive mattress industry. While they are not widely known, they are worth the hype. The copper-infusion technology, which has health benefits, will cause disruption and catapult these mattresses to the top.